You tasked me to provide an assessment of the Gateway Experience in terms of its mechanics and ultimate practicality. As I set out to fulfill that tasking it soon became clear that in order to assess the validity and practicality of the process I needed to do enough supporting research and analysis to fully understand how and why the process works. Frankly, sir, that proved to be an extremely involved and difficult business.

Initially, based on conversations with a physician who took the Gateway training with me, I had recourse to the biomedical models developed by Itzhak Bentov to obtain information concerning the physical aspects of the process.

Then I found it necessary to delve into various sources for information concerning quantum mechanics in order to be able to describe the nature and functioning of human consciousness. I had to be able to construct a scientifically valid and reasonably lucid model of how consciousness functions under the influence of the brain hemisphere synchronization technique employed by Gateway.

Finally I again found it necessary to use physics to bring the whole phenomenon of out-of-body states into the language of physical science to remove the stigma of its occult connotations, and put it in a frame of reference suited to objective assessment.

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Additionally, that introductory material is useful in supporting the conclusions of the paper. I indicate that at times these related techniques may provide useful entry points to accelerate movement into the Gateway Experience.

The 40 Strangest Things Revealed In Declassified CIA Documents

So, to borrow Dr. Nevertheless, once that is done, I am confident that their construction and application will stand up to the test of rational critique.

Paradoxically, having gone to such great lengths to avoid trying to render judgements based on an occult or dogmatic frame of reference in the end X found it necessary to return, at least briefly, to the question of the impact of the Gateway Experience on common belief systems. X did so because although it was essential to avoid attempting to render an assessment in the context of such systems, I felt that it was necessary after having completed the analysis to point out that the resulting conclusions do not do any violence to the fundamental mainstream of either eastern or western belief systems.

Unless that point is clearly established, the danger exists that some people will reject the whole concept of the Gateway Experience in the mistaken belief that it contradicts and is therefore alien to all that they hold to be right and true.

This study is certainly not designed to be the last word on the subject but I hope that the validity of its basic structure and of the fundamental concepts upon which it is based will make it a useful guide for other USAINSCOM personnel who are required to take the Gateway training or work with Gateway materials. It is easiest to effectively describe what Gateway is by beginning with a short description of those associated techniques that share some common aspects with the Gateway Experience but which are nevertheless different.

In this way we can develop a frame of reference at the outset which will provide useful concepts to explain and understand Gateway by comparison, as we proceed. According to the theories of psychologist Ronald Stone and the biomedical engineering models of Itshak Bentov, hypnosis is basically a technique which permits acquisition of direct access to the sensory motor cortex and pleasure centers, and lower cerebral emotional portions and associated pleasure centers of the right side of the human brain following successful disengagement of the stimulus screening function of the left hemisphere of the brain.

The left hemisphere of the brain is the self-cognitive, verbal and linear reasoning component of the mind. It fulfills the function of screening incoming stimuli by categorizing, assessing and assigning meaning prior to allowing passage to the right hemisphere of the mind. The right hemisphere, which functions as the noncritical, holistic, nonverbal and pattern-oriented component of the brain appears to accept what the left hemisphere passes to it without question.This sub is a place to chill.

cia document about hologram

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Why do some scientists believe that our universe is a hologram?

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Don't try to be a journalist and post negative things about a user because your accusations could very well be wrong. The mods will investigate any trolls.The holofractographic unified field theory, as developed by Nassim Haramein and physicists at the Resonance Science Foundation.

This theory explores the fractal, holographic nature of the structure of space and thus, how the totality of all is within each piece - unifying physics and solving quantum gravity. Skepticism is welcomed.

Questioning is vital. Holofractal is an extremely broad subject. What's the significance of planck's constant? Deconstructing the speed of light and relativity.

What is gravity, anyway? Major differences in standard model vs holographic fractal model. Geometry and reality. The blending of Science and Spirituality. How does the instantanous holographic network work? How is the holographic mass physically related to the rest mass? Consciousness and the brain in a fractal holographic Universe. Compilation of studies on quantum biology. Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs. Naked singularity black holes and Planck Stars. Example of jitterbugging, geometric collapse to cause spin and expansion.

Indra's Net - The Perfect Analogy. Breakdown of the Tree of Life in relation to vacuum geometry. Egyptian Creation mythos decoded. Gematria, God, and Declassified CIA doc talks about consciousness and energy in a holographic Universe as a consequence of their study into remote viewing.The simulation hypothesis proposes that our reality, our entire known universe, is an artificial computer-generated simulation.

As we further our understanding of quantum mechanics and game theorymore and more brilliant minds of our time are beginning to gravitate towards this theory. This is already happening. The universe is composed of interacting energy fields, some at rest and some in motion.

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It is, in and of itself, one gigantic hologram of unbelievable complexity. According to the theories of Karl Pribrama neuroscientist at Stanford University, and David Bohma physicist at the University of London, the human mind is also a hologram which attunes itself to the universal hologram by the medium of energy exchange thereby deducing meaning and achieving the state which we call consciousness.

Indeed, if the term matter is taken to mean solid substance as opposed to energy which is understood to mean a force of some sort, then the use of the former is entirely misleading. Science now knows that both the electrons which spin in the energy field located around the nucleus of the atom and the nucleus itself are made up of nothing more that oscillating energy grids.

Solid matter, in the strict construction of the term, simply does not exist. Humanity will go through a massive transformation. This is the year that humanity discovers the world model and recognizes that life is a program evolving to survive. This program is a form of DNA and ideas are stored in chromosomes and brains. Today, most of the program of life is stored and processed by computers.

cia document about hologram

Human birth rate declined because chips production soared. Humanity has evolved into a global cyborg organism where silicon chips dominate over brains and chromosomes. Energy which is not confined is force without limit, without dimension, without the limits of form.

It is infinity, cannot move because there is nothing beyond infinity, and is therefore outside of the dimension of time. It is also beyond space because that concept implies that a specific energy form is limited to a specific location, and is absent from other locations. Energy in infinity means energy uniformly extended without limit.

GOOD NEWS, REALITY ISN’T REAL: The CIA energy hologram document explained!

It has no beginning, no end, no location. It is conscious force, the fundamental, primal power of existence without form, a state of infinite being.


Energy in infinity is said to be completely at rest and, therefore, cannot generate holograms so long as it remains utterly inactive. It retains its inherent capacity for consciousness in that it can receive and passively perceive holograms generated by energy in motion out in the various dimensions which make up the created universe but it cannot be perceived by consciousness operating in the active universe. Theoretically, human consciousness may continue to expand the horizons of its perceptual capability until it reaches the dimension of the Absolute at which point perception stops because the Absolute generates no holograms of or about itself.

Like certain strange discoveries of quantum physics, the radical reorientation of this theory suddenly makes sense of paradoxical sayings of mystics throughout the ages.

cia document about hologram

This is what the ancients meant by achieving enlightenment: to transcend out of the simulation into the Absolute. As quantum physics has shown and what the CIA document confirms, there is no such thing as matter. Everything is light vibrating at specific frequencies. Suddenly, the paranormal, transcendental, and spiritual make sense. They are frequencies that exist beyond our physical perception. The question this of course raises is if we are all fragments of the absolute, which means we are all fragments of God ….Although most of thedeclassified files had technically been available previously, it was only then that the agency put the whole lot online.

Before, curious parties had to visit the National Archives in Maryland, where the files were only accessible on four computers. So, with that in mind, here are the strangest secrets ever revealed in declassified CIA documents. Operation Gladio was formulated during the Cold War when the communist world squared off against the U.

Those latter nations created a network of secret armies in Western Europe which would fight back in the event of a Soviet invasion.

Losing one hydrogen bomb would be careless, but losing four? Three of the bombs were later recovered, but a BBC report from questioned whether the fourth was ever located.

This story is perhaps one of the weirdest, and it relates to a document declassified by the CIA in A glance at it shows nothing more than two black-and-white images. Each portrays the outline of an unidentifiable shadowy man. One of the men is numbered — the other The question is, why were these two entirely anonymous images kept secret?

In he joined the Soviet intelligence service — the GRU — and rose to the rank of colonel. But he became increasingly disillusioned by the communist regime and in offered to pass secrets to the U. But the GRU unmasked him and he was executed two years later. Furthermore, various CIA papers about the episode were only released in During the late s the U. The CIA was keen to damp down what it saw as unwarranted public anxiety about these supposedly alien spacecraft.

And that was the impetus for the launch of the strangely named Project Grudge — a publicity campaign designed to counter some of the more lurid UFO media reports of the day. This was the highly secret U. For obvious reasons, it was absolutely crucial that the authorities should keep this operation under wraps after it was initiated in The United States succeeded in keeping its nuclear secrets from its WWII enemies, but it was a different story with its ally of the time: the Soviet Union.

Communist spies comprehensively infiltrated the nuclear project, and the extent of this was only revealed in It was in when the U. This was some miles inside Mexico, so the event was embarrassing to say the least; especially since the missile had a dangerous radioactive isotope called cobalt 57 aboard.

Meanwhile, documents about the incident were only released in In this notorious incident, the U. Navy cruiser Vincennes shot down the passenger jet Iran Air Flight — killing all passengers and crew. Apparently, the ship had mistaken the aircraft for a hostile fighter plane. The U.Following a resurfaced document from the CIA, people on social media claim that the Law of Attraction is real.

Theories are only concepts when there is not a scientific explanation to prove their credibility. In fact, there are a lot of bizarre theories out there, from the one that Donald Trump is a time traveler to coin shortage conspiraciesthe internet is full of them. According to the CIA, the world that people live in is an energy hologram simulation and astral projection is real. Following this study, a number of people have claimed that this study has proved that the Law of Attraction is real.

The Law of Attraction is a belief which states that people are able to attract abundance and success by thinking positive thoughts. There are a number of materials and books written on the topic.

After this theory went viral, Twitter immediately got flooded with posts and comments from people around the world. CIA I need answers. In other news, On Instagram: Johnny Richardson and Micahia Taylor charged with fraud after luxury lifestyle pics go viral.

Skip to content. Twitter: Reckful proposed to ex-girlfriend Becca on social media just hours before he died. Filiz Mustafa. This content could not be loaded. Have something to tell us about this article? Let us know.The Internet is freaking out over this CIA document that states the world is an energy hologram and the law of attraction is real. Science and spirituality cannot help but collide as a result.

It goes so far as to offer an explanation for paranormal activity, out-of-body experiences, and even how expanded human consciousness can transcend the time-space dimension. Pretty groovy for a once-classified government disclosure! Not just in episodes of Spongebob or Rick and Morty anymore. So much of a thing in fact that an entire CIA program was created to train people to explore these techniques. It turns out, this information is nothing new; the document was written in and casually released in With a mass spiritual awakening and so many people questioning their current reality, this information seems more important to distribute than ever.

The goal? The participant then gains access to the various levels of intuitive knowledge which the universe offers. With this knowledge, you too can transcend the limitations of the time-space continuum. Read on to find out how. Basically, all matter is made up of tiny particles of energy, and everything is a part of this energy interacting in a complex system of energy fields that make up our universe:.

Solid matter, in the strict construction of the term, simply does not exist. Rather, atomic structure is composed of oscillating energy grids surrounded by other oscillating energy grids which orbit at extraordinarily high speeds… The entire human being, brain, consciousness and all that is, like the universe which surrounds him, nothing more or less than an extraordinarily complex system of energy fields.

The so called states of matter are actually variances in the state of energy, and human consciousness is a function of the interaction of energy. If you think about it, duh.

cia document about hologram

We are made of atoms and molecules constantly vibrating in a never-ending yet ever-changing dance, as matter is neither created nor destroyed.

This leads us into a description of something called the Consciousness Matrix.

Two guidelines:

Your brain is its own little energy center, just doing its best to make sense of all the energy around it. Changes in the frequency and amplitude of the electrostatic field which comprises the human mind determines the configuration and hence the character of the holographic energy matrix which the mind projects to intercept meaning directly from the holographic transmissions of the universe.

So there is a lot more to your thoughts than you think. And there is a lot more going on beyond your thoughts, too. Your heartbeat transmits its vibrations up through your brain stem. This generates an electromagnetic pulse, which stimulates your brain to adjust the amplitude and frequency of its brainwave output accordingly.